0.0.6 (January 2021)

  • A new demonstration model Segregation has been added.

  • All model objects now have a unique id number of type int. Methods that take an agent or environment as an argument can now take either the instance or id of the object. The key attribute of environments has been removed.

  • Extra keyword arguments to Model and Experiment are now forwarded to Model.setup().

  • now takes an optional argument steps.

  • EnvDict has been replaced by EnvList, which has the same functionalities as AgentList.

  • Model objects now have a property env that returns the first environment of the object.

  • Revision of Network. The argument map_to_nodes has been removed from Network.add_agents(). Instead, agents can be mapped to nodes by passing an AgentList to the agents argument of Model.add_network(). Direct forwarding of attribute calls to Network.graph has been removed to avoid confusion.

  • New and revised methods for Grid:

  • gridplot() now takes a grid of values as an input and can convert them to rgba.

  • animate() now takes a model instance as an input instead of a class and parameters.

  • sample() and sample_saltelli() will now return integer values for parameters if parameter ranges are given as integers. For float values, a new argument digits can be passed to round parameter values.

  • The function interactive() has been removed, and is replaced by the new method Experiment.interactive().

  • sobol_sensitivity() has been changed to sensitivity_sobol().

0.0.5 (December 2020)

0.0.4 (November 2020)

  • First major release.